23rd January After finding my place to stay for the next few days I found that on my door step was a fish restaurant, after tasting their fish soup I made my way to the bar.  Although I was in the mood for a chill and some quiet time some people around me started a … [Read more…]

Arizona and on to California

17th January Both Doug Wothke and Blue Miller had recommended Bisbee, a more successful mining town about thirty miles south of Tombstone, so I couldn’t leave before visiting. There is pretty much one way to get there, the highway 80 was my only choice. But what a lovely surprise awaited me as I got about … [Read more…]

Texas and New Mexico

3rd January Woke to a warm day and also to what I was dreading, a nice patch of oil under my bike. Bugger. I checked Google and found a bike repairers in Albuquerque which meant riding 800 miles. Fingers crossed Ill make it ok as Steve the owner was ordering me a new oil seal. … [Read more…]

Pine Creek, Austin and San Antonio

3oth December After a walk around the Pine Creek lodge and taking some photographs of this lovely retreat I planned my route to Austin. Austin had been recommended to me from a few people so as new year was approaching I had booked two nights. The route I took was through Davy Crockett National Forest … [Read more…]

Mississippi and on to Texas

27th December I had spent a good few days off the bike and this morning I was looking forward to hitting the road. I received a text from Michael saying that he would be walking Obie at around 10.30am with Rob and Oli. He also mentioned that Rob wanted to get some shots of myself … [Read more…]