The supposed rest before home

Sunday 23rd April Although I should be resting I cannot. I have an inner monologue going on most of the time and on a regular basis it says ‘let’s go out’. Quechee Gorge is only 30 miles from me and it comes with recommendations. A short ride behind possibly the slowest drivers known to man … [Read more…]

8 states, 6 dogs, snow and theft.

Tuesday 4th April Jamestown was just what I needed. Not only was it one of the nicest accommodations I’ve stayed in but the whole area had a calm about it. No pretence and that is what I look for. The America we see on TV back home is all we know and when you visit the holiday resorts … [Read more…]

From Oklahoma heading east

Last night was a fantastic night with JP, Kris and the crew at the Kick Off bar. A really good last night in Miami and in all honesty I will miss that small town.   Monday 27th March Not that bad a hangover today. Nice I must be learning. I checked at reception and my stator … [Read more…]